☆Stake Your PLOT tokens☆

On Earncraft, you can stake your PLOT tokens, planting crops inside the game.
Harvesting is the most important activity in Earncraft's metaverse, to do it you will need a PLOT NFT or you can ask someone to rent to you their PLOT NFT.

Check this example of how to stake PLOT tokens on Earncraft:

A PLOT crop is a seed that when you harvest it, you will receive after a certain time some PLOT tokens and your PLOT seed back. For example, if you plant an Ultra PLOT Crop, you will receive 284 plot cents (4,45 PLOTs) and 1 Ultra PLOT Crop.
Here you will find a complete guide on how to plant crops, where to buy and sell them, and all the different types of PLOT crops.

Type of PLOT crops

There are 6 different types of PLOT crops, each crop has a different grow time and different drops. Some PLOT crops grow faster than others, and others may take more to grow.

PLOT seeds supply

To maintain these high APY percentages, we have limited the number of PLOT seeds available in the market.
Every 30 days after the mint of PLOT NFT, and only during the first 5 months, we will increase the supply of PLOT seeds available in the market. We will announce the PLOT seed sale dates on our social media.
The sales will take place inside the server store.
Here is a more detailed table about the supply of PLOT seeds.
Crop tier
PLOT crops per sale
Total Supply after the 5 PLOT crops sales
Plot Crop
Rare plot crop
Epic plot crop
Legendary plot crop
Super plot crop
Ultra plot crop

Buy and sell PLOT seeds.

In the PLOT crops store, you will be able to buy and sell your PLOT crops.
You will be able to convert your seed back to PLOT tokens at any time.
Also, if one PLOT Crop is out of stock in the store, you will be able to buy it from other players.
We expect that once the PLOT crops run out in the PLOT crops store, people will resell these items at a much higher price than the original price.