Price of PLOT NFT

During the first 3 PLOT NFT sales, the price of thee NFTs will be a fixed price in USD tokens, that will be paid in PLOT tokens.
The price will be increasing after each sale, and on the 4th PLOT NFT sale and onwards, we will establish a fixed price in PLOT tokens.
On the 1st land sale, the price per PLOT NFT will be 550 USD in PLOT tokens. (35.000 PLOT tokens)

Revenue from the PLOT NFT sales

We want to recompensate our PLOT NFT and PLOT token holders during the land sales. For that reason, we offer this groundbreaking tokenomics structure for the PLOT NFT sales.
PLOT Token Destination
PLOT token Airdrop to PLOT NFT holders
PLOT token burn 🔥
Developer fund
Contract developer

PLOT NFT for sale on the Map - First Land sale

There will be a total of 57 PLOT NFTs for sale. During the first Land sale, it will not be possible to choose which Land you want to mint. The location will be random.
In future Land sales, there will be an interactive map available, and you will be able to choose which land you would like to mint.

How to buy a PLOT NFT (Land)?

Step 1: Prepare PLOT token in Polygon Chain & MATIC token for gas fee
As PLOT NFTs are on Polygon Chain, first you will need to bridge your PLOT tokens to Polygon Chain using this bridge:
You can always swap your PLOT tokens back from Polygon Chain to BNB Chain.
Click on BSC to Polygon, then, search PLOT
In order to participate in the sale, you will need some MATIC tokens for the gas fees.
Note: In case you need MATIC tokens, please join our telegram @earncraft to ask us for help. We recommend you to use an exchange to send MATIC, or you could also bridge a few USDC tokens from BNB Chain to Polygon Chain and swap them for MATIC without any fee using
Step 2: Access Minting tab on Earncraft site > Connect Wallet > Mint
To buy the land (AKA mint a PLOT NFT), you need to access the Minting tab located on our website during our Land Sales. The secondary market of these NFTs is OpenSea, where you will be able to buy them in wETH.
Please connect your wallet by clicking the Connect button located on the top right corner of the screen. Make sure to be on the Polygon Chain. (Guide: How to add Polygon Blockchain to Metamask)
After that, you can just click the Minting button and accept the transaction on your Metamask wallet.
If you are lucky enough you will receive your PLOT NFT right after the transaction completes.
Note: During the first land sale, the location will be random, you will not be able to choose from the map which land you want to mint. This feature will be available during the following land sales.