LandOwner Benefits
In this article, we are going to explain the benefits of being a landowner in full.

Owning a land in Earncraft means owning a unique NFT, which constantly increases in value and is considered a very solid form of investment.

Land owners on earncraft can buy and plant crop seeds. Crop seeds are Earncrafts way of staking. With a maximum of 834% APR, it’s considered one of the best APRs out there.
Exclusive events:
Although most of Earncrafts events are free to enter for all users, from time to time, We hold exclusive events for landowners only, with higher prize pools and more interactive gameplays.

Unlike the extreme survival map, Lands are restricted from other players, meaning you can build your amazing structures, farms etc… in peace! Only players that you choose would have access to your land, and it could easily be accomplished by typing in /plot trust (Targets username)

As mentioned earlier, landowners can plant crop seeds (Once purchased) and enjoy the interest without even being in the game! Landowners can also build all sorts of Minecraft farms (Sugarcane farms, Mob farms, etc…) and automate the process of gathering materials, meaning no more hard labor.
Alternatively, renting your land can be another way of passive income.

Landowners can purchase Shopkeeper spawn eggs and set them up on their land. There’s no limit to how many shops a landowner will set up. Shopkeeper spawn eggs cost 16 $PLOT for landowners, whereas a normal user has to hire one (located all around the main lobby area) for x20 the price! Landowners can list the items gathered either by their automatic farms or by hand in their shops to be displayed for sale in each Shop they’ve previously set up.

Landowners have permanent free access to the extreme survival world, whereas normal players have to purchase a Teleportation voucher each time they’re willing to visit and play on the extreme survival world (Worth 2 $PLOT).
LandOwners can access it by typing /warp extreme

All landowners will automatically receive a unique Landowner role upon purchasing land, as well as exclusive access to the Landowner skyscraper building (Located by the trade hall).

Landowners can place as many storage items as they please in their lands, without the worry of them being griefed by others, they could also buy in-game vehicles and park them in their land, Safe and sound! Whereas a normal player storing their items in the extreme survival world has to be constantly alert and worried about their belongings, since the map is accessible by everyone and there’s a high chance of griefing.

Landowners can hire other players to work and gather the material they need for them, this way, not only they’re generating income for a vast majority of the server, they’re also not going through the hassle themselves. Landowners can also rent all or a piece of their land to the players looking for one, This could also be done by /plot trust (Username) and /plot untrust (username) for when the renting period has come to an end.

Every now and then, a building competition will take place in Earncrafts metaverse, Exclusive for landowners. Landowners built structures will be scored by a panel of expert judges, and the best Builds win remarkable prizes.

  • Landowner tag on the game and on discord, more info on discord
  • Change your player skin for free using /skin command
  • Using hats in the game with /hat command
  • Special channel only for landowners on discord
  • Use crafting table anywhere doing /wb
  • Special cosmetics available for buying on the Landowner’s skyscraper
  • More benefits coming...
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