Customise your PLOT

There are multiple ways to customize your PLOT NFT. A high variety of commands will give you the opportunity to use different features, such as giving building access to your friends, adding a welcome message, setting an alias for the PLOR NFT, changing the biome, and much more.

Add friends to your PLOT NFT

There are 2 different friend tiers:
/plot trust <Player> - Allow a player to build in your plot
/plot add <Player> - Allow a user to build while you are online
Also, you can remove the permissions given to a friend using the command /plot remove <Player>

Connecting adjacent PLOT NFTs

You can merge PLOTs by using the command /plot merge or /plot unlink to unmerge them.

Private chat for the PLOT NFT

You can add a private chat for your PLOT NFT, only the people on the PLOT NFT will be able to view it and participate.
/plot chat [on|off]

Customize your PLOT in the metaverse Map

Set an alias and a description to your PLOT NFT, other players will see this information in the Map.
/plot alias set <Alias> to set an Alias
/plot alias remove <Alias> to remove an Alias
/plot setdescription <description> to add a description