Earncraft Referral Bounty Program

As we are actively looking forward to more exciting partnerships, we would like to introduce our Referral Bounty Program where you can Refer to Earn!


This program is to encourage you to contact as many projects as possible to facilitate partnerships or collaborations for Earncraft.
You will receive rewards based on the scale of the project that we can successfully carry out the partnership:
For big and medium projects with over 500K Market Cap: You will receive a nice reward from 200-500 USD. We can create a building in Earncraft Metaverse for that partner, or even carry out an event if the partner can bring highly potential and positive impact to us.
For smaller projects that we can do a collaboration: You will receive 20% of the advertising fee that we have with that project (including but not limited to a building, video, or events in our Metaverse).
Start finding and recommending us to potential projects from today to earn great rewards!