Minecraft Wallet

Here is a detailed guide on how to use the Minecraft Wallet
Video tutorial: (coming soon)
This is the first blochchain game to integrate a blockchain wallet into a game. Just like in Metamask, you can receive and send BEP-20 tokens using commands in the chat. You also are able to export the private key and do the transactions on Metamask for example.

Minecraft wallet guide

You can copy yor address by clicking the pink text "Your address"

Getting started on Earncrafts in-game wallet system:

Earncraft features a designated in-game wallet system never seen before in any other metaverse game.

If you’re a new player:

In order to create your wallet, once in-game and have done the verification steps successfully, Press T to open up your chat window, then execute the following command: /wallet create (desired password)
After executing the command above, you’ve successfully created your wallet.
Note: Please save your password in a safe area. Since losing it or forgetting it would result in a complete loss of access to your wallet.
To access your wallet, you will first have to unlock it. (This is necessary every day you log into the game) it could be done using the following command: /wallet unlock (password set from earlier) Then you can access your wallet by simply executing the following command: /wallet
In order to get the current in-game wallet keys (Used for exporting your wallet to Metamask and etc…) you could use the following command: /wallet keys
Earncrafts in-game wallet hosts two Tokens on the BSC chain, $PLOT and $BNB. $PLOT is the main currency of Earncraft. $BNB Is the standard gas fee for the BSC chain. Meaning for every and any transaction (Either direct transactions between players, depositing $PLOT from wallet to physical in-game $PLOT and transferring funds from in-game wallet to Metamask, Binance and etc…) you will need $BNB to pay for gas fees.
After you’ve executed /wallet you can copy your address by clicking on “ Your balance “ behind every token name.

Depositing $PLOT from wallet to physical $PLOT

When trying to deposit, you can only execute predetermined commands.
The commands go as following:
  • /deposit_1
  • /deposit_5
  • /deposit_25
  • /deposit_50
  • /deposit_100
  • /deposit_200
  • /deposit_500
  • /deposit_4096 (will be transferred in ingot form)
  • /deposit_6400 (will be transferred in ingot form)
  • /deposit_12800 (will be transferred in ingot form)
For example: Executing /deposit_300 will not work! You could only use the predetermined amounts listed above.
In order to do the vice versa (Converting physical $PLOT to digital in order to be accessed in /wallet) You either use: /sell all to convert all the physical $PLOT token available in your inventory or use /sell hand.
Please note that converting physical $PLOT to digital could take up to 24h. You can see the current pending conversions by executing /pending.
In order to transfer funds from your in-game wallet to a third-party (Binance, Metamask, SafePal…) You could execute the following command. /wallet transfer
So to transfer $BNB you would use: /wallet transfer BNB to transfer $PLOT you would use: /wallet transfer PLOT
Here’s an example: /wallet transfer PLOT 0x8asb…. 967
You could also check other player´s wallets (Either to check their funds or copying their address) You could use /wallet player
Here’s an example: /wallet player Admin