How to start playing Earncraft

Here is a detailed guide on how to start playing Earncraft.

2 minutes video tutorial:

Download Minecraft for free

Earcraft is a Minecraft server, for that reason you will need to download Minecraft in order to play. But do not worry if you do not have Minecraft paid, this server is a no-premium Minecraft server, which means that you can play this server with a free Minecraft client.
If you already have a paid Minecraft account, you can omit the following step.

How to download Minecraft for free.

Yo will need to download a Minecraft no-premium launcher, we recommend you to use TLauncher, which you can download for free here.
You can also use your own Minecraft no-premium launcher.
After downloading the file, you just need to open the executable and continue to follow the installation steps that sill be shown on your screen.
In case you are using Mac OS or linux you can download this file:

Other Minecraft no-premium launchers

If Shiginima launcher does not work on your computer, you can try to download the TLauncher, you can find more information here:

APK for android users

Log in into Earncraft's Minecraft Server

Click on "Multiplayer"
Click on "Add server"
Add the server details and "Done"
The server IP is