How to register on Earncraft

Here is a detailed guide on how to register on Earncraft.

First time logging in into the server

If you prefer a step-by-step video guide on how to register and play EARNCRAFT, watch this video:
Fist of all, have a look at the lower left corner of your screen, that is the in-game chat. You can open it by pressing the key “T” in your keyboard.
The first time you enter into the server, you will be asked to create a password for your account, to do that, please type on the chat "/register (your password)"
Now, you need to enter telegram and look for the bot called @EarncraftLoginBot, then press start. It will give you some information and you press /chatid.
After this, the bot will give you a number, copy and paste it in the game chat. Now you have to go back to the telegram bot and press confirm.
Next time you enter the server, you will have to type "/login (your password)" and then go to telegram and press confirm
In case you forgot your password, please contact @EarncraftAdmin on Telegram.

For mobile users

Once in game, a notification from telegram will pop-up, asking you to confirm your login. Pull down the notification banner to reveal the text input area, in that input area, type in: /confirm (your Account ID) You can find your account id at begging of the alert. Here's an example:
(570) Telegram Login - Login request Account name: SimpleUser
The first numbers enclosed in parentheses represent SimpleUsers Account ID. And their confirmation command would be: /confirm 570

Setting up your Minecraft wallet

Once you log-in into the game you have to access your wallet:
How to access your wallet:
If you are a new player and you want to have a wallet in the game, follow this steps: Type in the chat “/wallet create (password)” on password is very important you use a password you do not forget, if you forget you will lose the access to your wallet forever.
If you were already registered on Earncraft: To use you wallet, you have to do ”/wallet unlock earncraft” You will be required to do this command every time you want to use your wallet.
Then, to unlock your wallet, you have to type in “/wallet unlock (password)”.
After unlocking the wallet you can check your address typing /wallet in the chat. Also, you can copy your address opening the chat and clicking on “Your Address”.
You can also import your Minecraft wallet to your Metamask or any other wallet typing /wallet keys, your seed phare and your PrivateKey will be shown only to you. You can copy it by clicking on the red text.

Forgot my password

In case you forget your password and want to recover your account, you can create another account with a different username, but you will loose all your items and Minecraft Wallet.
In case you need to recover you last account, please make sure that you had the 2 Factor Authentication or that you can demonstrate the ownership of the Minecraft Wallet from you last account (For example, if you did a back up of the seed phrase or imported it into metamask, you can use the wallet and demostrate that you are the owner).
Contact @EarncraftAdmin or send an email to [email protected]rg