Introduction to the 3 wolds

Earncraft's Metaverse is divided into 3 different worlds, each of them with different features.
Plot world is the main Earncraft metaverse world, all the activities, social events, and games, will take place here. PLOT NFT owners will be able to build in their plot, they can create play-to-earn games, in-game stores of resources or food, advertising other projects, and anything they can imagine.
Survival Plot world is dedicated to the PLOT NFT owners. Owners of a PLOT NFT will have a random plot in this world, where they will be able to explore, collect, and mine resources.
Extreme Survival world is the most dangerous world of the server. PVP (fighting with other players) is enabled. Non-PLOT NFT owners will be able to collect and mine resources in this world, only paying a daily fee in PLOT.